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Terms & Conditions  
The services that Approach Media Pvt. Ltd.  provides to you are subject to the following Terms of Use ("TOU"). Approach Media Pvt. Ltd. reserves the right to update the TOU at any time without notice to you. The most current version of the TOU can be reviewed by clicking on the "Terms of Use" hypertext link located at the bottom of our Web pages. Your use of the Approach Media Pvt. Ltd.  web site and services signifies your complete acceptance of this TOU.

Description of Services

Approach Media Pvt. Ltd. and its parent company, offers graphic design services including but not limited to: Logo design, logo templates, stationery designs, and web template design. Other services include the modification and customization of said design products.

Limitations of Use.

You may use any logo template purchased from the Approach Media Pvt. Ltd. website for:
Personal use
Commercial use
You may modify, or have a third party perform the modifications of any logo template after purchase to meet your specific requirements.
You may use a purchased logo design without any restrictions as required for your commercial or personal use.
You may resell a purchased logo template as part of a finished design project. In the case of Non-Exclusive logo templates, the third party must be informed and accept that this is a Non-Exclusive logo template copyrighted and sold as to the terms outlined in this TOU.

You may NOT resell a purchased logo template as a template or as part of an unfinished web template, or any other unfinished design product.
Copyrights & Trademarks:
Non-exclusive logo templates:
Non-Exclusive logo templates are sold more than once. All Non-Exclusive logo templates are under the copyright protection of Approach Media Pvt. Ltd.. By purchasing a Non-Exclusive logo template, you accept that Approach Media Pvt. Ltd.  may sell the same Non-Exclusive logo template again to a different client. You accept and understand that Approach Media Pvt. Ltd. has the full discretion to decide how many times a Non-Exclusive logo template  is resold to the purchasing clientele.
Exclusive logo templates:
Exclusive logo templates are sold ONLY once. By purchasing an Exclusive logo template all copyright ownership and rights are transferred to you and the Exclusive logo design is removed from the Pixellogo website immediately after files are delivered to you.
Product Delivery:
All Approach Media Pvt. Ltd.  products are digital files delivered through emails and download links provided to the client.
All download links expire after 48 hours. A download link can be renewed however your written permission is required for such a renewal.
Approach Media Pvt. Ltd. does not ship out physical goods such as CD’s or other form of storage media.

By purchasing a Approach Media Pvt. Ltd. product, you agree that your order will be processed manually and:
A Approach Media Pvt. Ltd. representative may contact you by phone to verify your order.
The download links will be emailed to you in 5 to 30 minutes during business hours or next business day.
Any design purchased with modification services will be delivered within 24 hours.
Approach Media Pvt. Ltd. may refund any potentially fraudulent purchase.
Refund Policy:
Approach Media Pvt. Ltd. may refund your order minus a transaction fee of $ 3.00 USD if and ONLY if your download link has not been sent to you yet. Since Approach Media Pvt. Ltd.  products are all digital files and there are no means of any actual goods being returned to  Approach Media Pvt. Ltd.  with the guarantee that the delivered files have been destroyed,  therefore all sales are considered to be final and non-refundable once the download links have been emailed to the client.
Copyright Notice:
© 2008-2009 Approach Media Pvt. Ltd..
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